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THE FEW NOT FLEETING (Original 2009 Version) CD


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The Few Not Fleeting CD. Original 2009 Master and artwork. Final pressing.

[ There is another version of this album that was updated in 2019 for the 10th anniversary.  It includes updated artwork, remastered audio and previously unreleased bonus track "GONE (ACOUSTIC".]

Track listing for 2009 Original Version - 

  1. Gone
  2. Salem (Burn The Witch)
  3. Fat Kid
  4. Waiting On Rain
  5. The Cleansing
  6. Blue And Gold
  7. Dirge
  8. Fell In Love With A Ghost
  9. The Few Not Fleeting
  10. Bullets and Blue Eyes
  11. Love?
  12. It Seems

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